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Birthdate:Dec 14
Location:Shoreline, Washington, United States of America
I tend to not know what to say with biographies. Something will more than likely surface here, but until then, hi.

the shiny battlestar galactica moodtheme was made by schmiss& the uber shiny Laura Roslin moodtheme was made by cartography @ picon& while I do make my own icons, currently quite a few are made by other people. credit is in the keywords, visit the icon makers and give them cookies for being such talented people. :)

FYI: I will NEVER, NEVER give this journal account away, so don't ask.

I moderate the following communities:
- thenanny, a community for people who love the tv show The Nanny.
- elizad_icons, an icon community for icons relating to the wonderful Eliza Dushku.
- weir_daily, a daily picture community, showing pictures of Elizabeth Weir from Stargate Atlantis. (will be resurrected soon!!)
- musicspam, a members only music related community.

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