Aug. 20th, 2009

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  • 07:45 Dear stupid people: any chance you can call in over the weekend when I'm not working? You're driving me nuts. NO LOVE. #jobfail #
  • 08:20 I am a leaf on the wind. I am a leaf on the wind. I am a leaf on the wind. If I repeat that enough I may make it through today! #jobfail #
  • 08:44 Sean made my coffee for me this morning. I was tired & didn't feel like making it last night. I was surprised! Go boyfriend! Heh. #woot #
  • 09:40 @ZeeAvi Seattle thinks you rock! #
  • 10:35 @ZeeAvi I don't understand why people would bother your parents to begin with. Ugh. People can be so ridiculous! #
  • 11:11 @venusflesh dress in drag and do the hula? :):) #
  • 12:58 This has been one of the crappiest weeks ever. #
  • 13:04 @heatherangelina Come to work so I can be done for the day? Hah #
  • 13:05 @udubgal I'm overwhelmed by stupid callers at work, among other things. :/ #
  • 14:04 @liseydawn Well damn, I guess I need to think of something else, lol. Suggestions? :) #
  • 15:45 @verycleanindeed I'm working, which also means I'm in bizarroland. #
  • 15:46 @verycleanindeed you're peeping? Naughty! #
  • 20:53 Merrimack River by @themandymoore is so pretty. #music #
  • 22:45 @solitarybelle Hey, WHERES MY EMAIL? hahaha. <3 Hope work goes by quickly for you, cathtriplet! Loveyou! #
  • 22:45 And on that note, goodnight. <3 #
This tweetgasm brought to you by LoudTwitter and overexcessive amounts of boredom. WOO!


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